I got my feet wet with design in my high school days when Geocities was around. I would tinker with PhotoShop 4 and hand-code my HTML in Notepad as I “developed” websites for chat programs that involved the use of custom avatars. Meeting others via the world wide web helped bridge the digital divide between a small town girl and her dreams of global design domination!
Since then, I’ve done countless self-learning exercises and put in my volunteer time by giving out a handful of free websites to get some good practice. During those formative years, I’d gotten pretty good at troubleshooting and reading HTML and CSS and later building custom websites via content managers like SharePoint and WordPress.
I’ve also always been an artist (and nerd!)–like many of my colleagues, I’ve been drawing since I was first able to clutch onto a crayon. Throughout high school, I devoured art classes and spent many free moments honing my drawing skills until I was taught more about the field of graphic design thanks to my high school art teachers, Mr. Hoover and Mrs. Benigni. I was so curious and never imagined combining the two things I loved most–art and computers. Suddenly, I had a new (very time-consuming) hobby…
A hobby that I would make my career.
I left my hometown for a few years and later moved to Frostburg, Maryland, and enrolled in their graphic design program. During my studies there, my photography professor suggested I supplement my design work by continuing with advanced photography courses–all wet darkroom work! I graduated with honors from Frostburg State University with my dual-focus BFA in Art & Design: graphic design and photography. I even minored in Art History and Spanish. Since then, I’ve taken on a bunch of freelance design projects after I opened shop in 2005. And I've been working full-time ever since. Got a project? I'm happy to tackle it!
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